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Introduction to THERIO

For decades we have been subjected to the outdated paradigm of the ‘QWERTY’ keyboard on computers, laptops, and those fidgety clip-on keyboards that come with cellphones and PDAs. These were designed to replace the cumbersome ‘ABC’ layout on cellphones but often they succeed in causing more frustration: not to mention an ‘extra’ piece of hardware to carry around. As a typist speed increases, so does the risk of Repetive Strain Injury or RSI. Did you know that the QWERTY keyboard, developed over 100 years ago, was designed to slow the typist down to 24 words per minute (wpm) so the hammers on the typewriter wouldn't jam!?!

Interface Solutions Limited have come up with a practical solution that has the potential to revolutionise the way we enter text. By combining logical and practical techniques, THERIO's patent pending layout will have you wondering why someone hadn't thought of it sooner.


THERIO Keyboard and Touchscreen design is about increasing speed and ease of use in text entry hardware, touchscreens, and hand held devices. Using a specially developed layout for user input, the design can be applied to a wide range of hardware devices and software: including PDAs, pocket PCs, Tablets, Touchscreens, cellphones, niche hardware, remote controls, virtual keyboards... in fact, anything that requires text entry.

THERIO utilizes a number of subconscious memory techniques, with the mainstay being cryptography coupled with familiarity and ergonomics. Many keys fall in a similar pattern to where they would occur on the QWERTY layout making it easy for touch typists to migrate. Common letter combinations allow an even quicker uptake of the layout. Memory mapping is achieved by assigning 3 letters only to a subzone or key and letters are ordered by common frequency of use in the English language in a 3x3 matrix so you never need to hunt for keys again.

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